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Bow - Decoaguja Punch Needle - Supplies

Bow - Decoaguja Punch Needle - Supplies

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Bow - Decoaguja Punch Needle - Available in 4 sizes. MINI IS THE BEST SELLER

AKA ‘Bow’ the pretty punch needle.  She fits so nicely in your hand and no threader is needed.

Yarn Size Guide

XL - chunky to super chunky yarn 

Mini - medium to chunky weight yarn (Best Seller)

Fina - Embroidery thread weight  

This punch needle works best with punch needle fabric such as monks cloth or the panama fabric.  Both available in the craft supplies section of our site. 

Bow comes with 2 little spacers that lets you set your loop height.  

To thread Bow, you thread the yarn through the eyelet then push the yarn through the eye of the needle, grab hold on it with your other hand and pull it through the channel.  Its self threading!! Its amazing!

Currently we have a limited supply of pink & peach. Selection will be random. 

Sizes available: XL, Mini & Fine 

Please allow up to 1 week (maybe longer if you are further away) for your order to arrive.   

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