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little forget menots

The Little Letters

The Little Letters

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The Little Letters, word from bereaved parents.

What are The Little Letters?
They can take many forms, it could be an anonymous letter, a message, inspirational words or a quote that means something to you, it’s form of self expression, from you, from the heart.

How to order?
You can place an order here with your name & full address.
We will send you a blank Little Letter, and when you have completed your Little Letter you send it back with your message, in the enclosed prepaid, self addressed envelope.

Our aim is to help any parent or individual who feels they are unable to open up for art theory/counselling. We hope this is a way for you to offload a little stress... anonymously.

Please Note: We will take a photo of your Little Letters and upload it onto our Facebook and Instagram page.
We know every reader will relate to one or another letter along their grief journey.

These are YOUR letters. You can make them simple or get creative and add a little bit of sparkle to them.

This service is FREE and is provided by volunteers at the Little Forget Me Nots Trust.
These letter are anonymous, no need to sign/date them.

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